Dzaleka has exceeded its absorption capacity by over 300 percent. Overpopulation in the camp, coupled with poor sanitation caused by congestion put both the refugee camp and Dzaleka Health Centre on the fast lane to imminent catastrophe.

This caused a lot of concern and called for us to be fully prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Henok Ochalla, Senior Protection Officer for UNHCR Malawi. As you know YOCODESOP works to improving the living condition of its community and its surroundings we care for our community in different sectors of development, especially in the health department, Our Doctor SAMUTONDO SAKOMBI try his best to reach out to its partners within and outside Malawi to assist in improving the capacity of Dzaleka Health Community and its surroundings in the country.

Due to the vast number of people in our community, That why YOCODESOP need some partners within and outside Malawi to assist our people in community with YOCODESOP HEALTH DEPARTEMENT, just recently the medical personnel at the hospital disclosed that they ran out of anesthetics, which is a vital medication, especially in the labour ward. The shortage of drugs and medication at the hospital poses a threat.

We are Youth Congress for Development and Social economic Progress (YOCODESOP) that has been created on 16 February 2017 in Malawi, Central Region, Dowa district, Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Dzaleka Refugee Camp started in 1993 with the coming of different people from different countries who left their residence for various reasons such as: being raped, killed by rebels and others

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