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Boruani Kaguta

Baruani is a very intelligent boy, who was born and raised by his mother in the Marta village in Dzaleka district, he has a good understanding of his subjects but is a bit shy in participating in answering the question when asked by his teachers, however, his teachers speak highly of him despite not often being active compared to other students.

Baruani’s education

Baruani is in the final year of primary education, he’s expecting to sit for the final exam in October, and later he will proceed with secondary education before joining the college or university.

He loves science subjects except for Kiswahili, his dream is to become a doctor when he finishes school, he wishes to help the sick and give medical aid to those with no access to medical services.

Sofia Masudi Back To School

Congratulations to Sofia Masudi! She is our newest sponsorship child to be attending private secondary school! We can’t wait to see how wonderfully she’s going to do at Mwalimu Anna’s!

Alima Mirindi Congolese by nationality Mother of one kid

She was motivated to pursues vocational training as she feels she can employ herself. She can as well work for other companies while operating her own business. She feels this is a skill and a job that cannot be taken away from her. “I lost the job as a Till Attendant but this skill will get me a job and a business that will be mine for the rest of my life”, she says with a cheeky smile. 

Jayce is 13 years old and attends 6th Grade in primary school

He is small, thin, and has eyes that reflect a calm demeanour often seen in introverted personalities.

Despite being the youngest in the family, Jay did not grow up being showered with love. His father has a visual impairment and can only do housework at home. His two older sisters are much older than Jay and work or study in another town. His mother has borne the family’s financial burdens and works very hard. Jay’s grandparents cared for her and were his companions growing up.


When Jayce joined the Children’s Center a few years ago, the Director noticed he was reticent. When they discovered that Jay’s grandfather had passed away, they tried to comfort him and help him overcome his grief. The Children’s Director also noticed that Jay stuttered whenever he shared during activity and could only say a few sentences. He seldom spoke to the other children.

To help Jay overcome his shyness in speaking to others, the Children’s Director invited Jay to join a children’s group and attend more activities. This gave him more opportunities to play with children his age and gradually build his courage to express his feelings and thoughts.

After two years of attending various activities, Jay has become more cheerful. He often comes to the Children’s Center and has learned to speak before a crowd without stuttering. In June 2022, he was invited to speak with YOCODESOP field office. He talked about his thoughts and vision and offered some ideas for his community.

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